Family Fun in Vegas

24 Oct

  Everyone knows that Las Vegas is the ultimate place to go for casino betting, but what many don’t realize is that there is also another side to Sin City, which is much more appropriate for those taking a holiday with their children. You can find a host of fun family activities there, but if […]

Summer Escapes in Bulgaria

18 Aug

You’ve holidayed in Spain, explored Egypt, been to Greece and enjoyed a summer in Portugal. So how about trying somewhere a little different this year? Bulgaria is one holiday hot spot that’s fast becoming a new favorite in the summer brochure, and it’s not hard to see why. With a selection of well-equipped towns and […]

Top Events in York this August

7 Aug

  Top Events in York this August A visit to York will always be welcome by anyone who loves how successfully the city has managed to fuse medieval and modern aspects. With so much to see and do, ‘events’ per se are not necessarily needed but they can add a different façade to your already […]

Magnifique: A trip to the Seorae French Village

26 Dec

With the exception of our neighbors to the north, South Korea is without a doubt, the most homogeneous country in the world.  So, you might be surprised to know that for over 30 years, Korea has been slowly luring foreigners from around the world to live, work and raise families within its borders. The result of […]

My K-pop Journey!

18 Nov

psy, kpop

It’s been a while now since PSY’s  “Gangnam Style”   became a viral hit on Youtube and made it’s way around the Internet. The song eventually became number one in over 30 countries, and even the North Korean government has gotten in on the fun, using it to parody South Korean presidential hopeful Park Geun-hye in the […]

Happy Pepero Day: That’s what she said!

12 Nov

Some of you might remember that last year was the big Pepero Day because the date was 11-11-11 and I wrote this  article. This year I realize I am a day late to wish you all Happy Pepero Day so I will just leave you with this image:  

Kandid Korea #4: Vending Machines

12 Nov

I’ve seen a lot of interesting vending machines in Korea offering things like books and printing cartridges. In the US  I once saw one selling the acne clearing system Proactive and then there are the ubiquitous vending machines  in airports around the world selling anything from headphones to Rosetta Stone. But I’ve never see one […]

The Best 4 Travel Tips for a Holiday in Greece

8 Nov

I was supposed to go to Greece in 1999 but I ended up in Morocco instead.  Hopefully, I’ll get there one day………..until then enjoy this guest post:    Greece is home to some of the most stunning tourist attractions in Europe. It boasts of numerous things to see and do. Visiting any of the famous […]

Mo’ bama!

8 Nov

Celebrating Mo’ bama from the ROK!   Also congratulation to Maine and Maryland for legalizing gay marriage and to Colorado and Washington for legalizing weed! Please clear your calendars for my next visit.  Also apparently Puerto Rico is a state now?!? It’s madness going on and I like it!      

A New Year in Old Korea

29 Oct

 So I haven’t posted in a while and truth be told I have no decent excuse other than lack of inspiration. My first year in Korea I did so many things that I decided to start this blog and post some of them. This year I have been less inclined to share….at least until now. […]