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Wandering poet #4 – Jet lag

30 Dec

Jetlag Haiku

Another haiku for you inspired by late night TV watching  caused by jet lag. Hope you enjoy! As always I used and submissions can be sent to                                     Jet lag Brainlag drag Season one of Portlandia Put […]

Gettin’ lucky in Korea

30 Dec

Casinos in Korea

  vperkins @ flickr I walked into the room. Where were the lights? The fast talking dealers? The buzz? The wait staff running around in their cute little uniforms? It looked like a casino, but it definitely didn’t feel like one.   I’ve been to casinos in both Busan and Seoul and as you may […]

Wandering Poet #3 – Bye bye Kimmy!

23 Dec

kim jong il by Mark Hammermeister

This week, I think there is pretty much only one thing worth writing a haiku about and it’s not the holiday season  and it’s not the wretched Korean winter and it’s not even then end of my contract with my school. As I always I used for my haiku and submissions are always open. […]

Wandering poet #2 – Ajumma Attack

16 Dec

Ajumma Attack

  Another haiku for you this week! I used again if anyone is going to challenge me. LOL As always I will accept submissions which you can send to                                      New video game idea     […]

Assault of the senses: A 4D Experience

13 Dec

4-d move

    I just got punched in the bum. The minotaur from the new film “The Immortals” fell on his bum and I got punched in mine. Not hard – more like a little baby sized fist with a bit of strength. Not too long before this the main character, Theseus, fell into some stagnant […]

Wandering poet #1 – I like apples

9 Dec

wandering poet,paris baguette, apple pie

I’m starting a new series on The Orange Backpack. One which will (hopefully) be a regular thing. Every Friday I will post a short poem in any format I choose related to wherever I am in the world or something I have done recently. They will all be related to travel and barring tragedy or […]

South Korea hearts robots!!!

8 Dec

South Korea loves robots

  Some of you may remember back in September, I published a short article “Human Beings Rendered Obsolete: Go Go girls in trouble”.  Well, it seems this tragedy is not going to end with them. Even professions that involve high levels of skill and personal involvement are being threatened. Some of you may know that […]

On surviving the jjimjilbang or how to get naked

1 Dec


  Being a foreigner in South Korea gets you gawked at quite a bit, even when doing something as simple as walking down the street. So maybe the proposition to get naked and jump in a steaming hot bath with some of those same gawkers is not exactly how you’d like to spend your weekend. […]