Hi! I’m Chana, a 20-something travelbug who left my home country, the United States, nearly 3 years ago to try and do something a little different.  So far I have lived in 3 countries and been to 4 continents. I hope I can reach all 7 within the next 3 yrs.  My blog is still just in its baby phase but if you like what you see I hope you’ll keep coming back.  

Some stuff about me:

Likes:  I like warm weather, ugly art, hoodies, spicy food,  and people who help me see things in a different way.

Dislikes:  Running out of soy sauce, crazed bus drivers, peanut butter & jelly (seriously I’ve had nightmares about it) and any kind of too cool for school attitude.

Why do I travel?

I once read in some frilly girlie magazine that new experiences produce the same chemicals in your brain, namely Dopamine and Norepinephrine,  as love does. That one sentence summed up a big part of me rather neatly and so I never forgot it.  I  never want to get lost in the routine of life. I always want something to look forward to.  Something that can help me learn and grow while helping others do the same.  It might be idealistic but I’ve got to try. Traveling and those first time experiences make me feel more alive than most anything ever has and so I keep doing it…..and it feels really good.

Don’t you miss home?

I miss my family and friends all the time of course but I’ve been living away from home since the second I turned 18. When you are on your own you learn about yourself  (and I still am) and what you are made of.  It forces you to  step out of your comfort zone and there is a good chance it might be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.  Just by being born in the US I’ve been given so many advantages in life that I would never want to waste; one of which is a citizenship that allows me to get a visa  almost anywhere without the hassle lots of other nationalities do. I’m also fortunate to have been born in the age of the internet so that when I do feel homesick it’s never difficult to get in touch with the people I love.

I’ll continue to update this page with any info I think would be relevant. Have something to say? Go for it at talktome@the-orange-backpack.com You can also follow me on twitter and/or facebook.