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A camel in the desert: The Legend of Hi Jolly

12 Feb

Hi Jolly tomb

Back when Arizona was just another part of the New Mexican territory, before the surrender of Geronimo, the gun fight at the OK Corral and all the other things that really made Arizona famous – there were camels. Yes camels, those giant, spitting, hump-backed, two-toed beasts of burden trekked their way from Texas through Arizona […]

Wandering poet #7 – Searching for Ben Stein

20 Jan

Wandering poet #7

This week I’m still in Arizona and I decided to get off the haiku train…atleast for today. As always you can send your poem/submissions to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com    The desert is very dry My poor little eyes Where is Ben Stein???

Wandering poet #6 – Back in Arizona

13 Jan

rattlesnake sign

I’m back in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ for the next few months and I am trying to see through the eyes of an outsider. I haven’t really lived here  in nearly a decade, so in many ways I already am one and then it occurred to me……     Am feeling cheated Lived here […]