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A camel in the desert: The Legend of Hi Jolly

12 Feb

Hi Jolly tomb

Back when Arizona was just another part of the New Mexican territory, before the surrender of Geronimo, the gun fight at the OK Corral and all the other things that really made Arizona famous – there were camels. Yes camels, those giant, spitting, hump-backed, two-toed beasts of burden trekked their way from Texas through Arizona […]

Scenes from ancient Korea!

18 Jan

The market street

The Hwaesong Fortress in Suwon is one of the most famous fortresses in South Korea. It was built in the time of King Jeongjo, over 200 years ago ,and represents a sordid historical past that makes the Tudor family look like “The Muppets”. Built using the most cutting edge technology of the time, it put […]

On surviving the jjimjilbang or how to get naked

1 Dec


  Being a foreigner in South Korea gets you gawked at quite a bit, even when doing something as simple as walking down the street. So maybe the proposition to get naked and jump in a steaming hot bath with some of those same gawkers is not exactly how you’d like to spend your weekend. […]

Save me a seat!: A visit to the Mr. Toilet House

22 Nov

Mr. toilet house

When I told people I was going to a museum about toilets, the reactions I received most were either excitement or a puzzled look, followed by “A what!?!”.  Surprisingly, some of my peers had already heard about the infamous Mr. Toilet House here in Suwon and one even had his picture up on the wall. (They […]