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Haenyeo: Jeju legends

14 Nov

Haenyeo, Jeju, South Korea, Douglas McDonald

In a region of the world where Confucian ideals still exist and women are often considered inferior live a group of women, some well into their golden years, who have been defying that philosophy long before the well known women’s movement of the 1960s. They did it not for political or social reasons but out […]

Jeju: The beauty and the pain Part II

26 Oct

and now for part two of my trip to Jeju…………..(Part I) Missing skin, broken nails, and exhausted muscles – Your first time trying to breath underwater should be stress free. Most people learn to scuba dive in a swimming pool or shallow area of the beach. If they are lucky they have an instructor who […]

Jeju: The beauty and the pain – Part I

19 Oct

Even in the shade, on an air-conditioned bus, my face still sizzled. In my head, I could picture my face like a big steak on the grill, juices bubbling and that sound – that burning sound – like a kind of hissing. I could tell this was gonna be bad. I went over the badges […]