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Wandering poet #5 – Distance makes the stomach grow fonder

6 Jan

Korean food collage

Korean food. I miss it. Kimbap dak galbi rice I miss Korean food very much Who ate all the kimchi? Submissions to “Wandering poet” can be sent to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com

Bye bye Pepero Day….see ya next year!

12 Nov

South Korean Pepero Day

    Pepero hangover anyone? So it’s the day after Pepero Day and I am sure most people are feeling pretty gross  right about now.  Yesterday was a particularly special Pepero Day because it is 2011. Meaning it is the first time in a century that the calendar  has read 11/11/11.  This relates to Pepero […]


11 Nov

Rice Drink/비락식혜(Sikhye Birak) from South Korea

One of the most pleasurable ways to explore any culture, most can agree, is through its cuisine and by extension the kind of products that it produces. Every country has something that is unique to that place and can tell you something about the culture you are in. Korea has many different items in this […]

Muuido in May!

18 Sep

An airport bus, a city bus, a 5 minute ferry and then one more bus is all it takes to get to the famous Hanagae Beach on the lovely island of Muuido, which translates to “Dancer’s Dress”. It was the last weekend of May and I was already dying to get in the water. I […]