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Kandid Korea #3: Tiny toilets

22 Jan

Tiny toilets in Korea

  I dont know why I’ve never seen this anywhere else because it has even occurred to me, a single person responsible for no one but herself, that this would be a great idea. Only here in South Korea have they actually implemented it. TINY TOILETS! How many times have you seen a mother and […]

Kandid Korea #2: Finally AIDS is cute again!

16 Nov

Weird condom machine, Kandid Korea

The long-awaited second installment of “Kandid Korea”! There is nothing I love more than stumbling upon the weird, yet wonderful, parts of Korea and the world at large. These treasures can give us insight into the people and cultures behind them. As always, please keep in mind when I say “weird” I mean it in […]

Yo Check It!

21 Oct

  This may only be my 5th post on this blog but I’m already branching out! Along with Lauren Kilberg from Double Takes and  Jennifer Barclay from CoolStuffKorea, I  tell you some of my top selections for visiting Seoul.  Some of which were: Digital Media City,Seoul Folk Flea Market, Itaewon, Bugaksan Mountain, and the 63 Building […]