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Scenes from ancient Korea!

18 Jan

The market street

The Hwaesong Fortress in Suwon is one of the most famous fortresses in South Korea. It was built in the time of King Jeongjo, over 200 years ago ,and represents a sordid historical past that makes the Tudor family look like “The Muppets”. Built using the most cutting edge technology of the time, it put […]

Wandering poet #1 – I like apples

9 Dec

wandering poet,paris baguette, apple pie

I’m starting a new series on The Orange Backpack. One which will (hopefully) be a regular thing. Every Friday I will post a short poem in any format I choose related to wherever I am in the world or something I have done recently. They will all be related to travel and barring tragedy or […]

An expat Thanksgiving…at the bar

29 Nov

thanksgiving at the bar

Well, I don’t know about you, but it felt like Thanksgiving came and went all too quickly. I waited so long for that turkey and then it was just gone. Celebrating the holidays of your home country or other expats’ home countries can be a lot of fun. Fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day, barbecue and […]

Save me a seat!: A visit to the Mr. Toilet House

22 Nov

Mr. toilet house

When I told people I was going to a museum about toilets, the reactions I received most were either excitement or a puzzled look, followed by “A what!?!”.  Surprisingly, some of my peers had already heard about the infamous Mr. Toilet House here in Suwon and one even had his picture up on the wall. (They […]

Kandid Korea #1: Doggy style!

6 Oct

Today is the first post of a series I’m starting specifically for this blog entitled “Kandid Korea”. Mainly it will be just images of things I come across in Korea that are unique to Korean culture and can hopefully give you some insight into the weird and wonderful parts of my current home. Please keep […]

Human beings rendered obsolete: Go Go Girls in trouble!

25 Sep

Are you having a grand opening or special event at your store? Nothing says come inside like a couple of Korean Go Go Girls dancing on a stage in front of your shop. Whether you are just visiting or are the proud owner of a Korean Alien Resident Card you have no doubt witnessed these […]