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Wandering poet #7 – Searching for Ben Stein

20 Jan

Wandering poet #7

This week I’m still in Arizona and I decided to get off the haiku train…atleast for today. As always you can send your poem/submissions to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com    The desert is very dry My poor little eyes Where is Ben Stein???

Wandering poet #6 – Back in Arizona

13 Jan

rattlesnake sign

I’m back in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ for the next few months and I am trying to see through the eyes of an outsider. I haven’t really lived here  in nearly a decade, so in many ways I already am one and then it occurred to me……     Am feeling cheated Lived here […]

Wandering poet #5 – Distance makes the stomach grow fonder

6 Jan

Korean food collage

Korean food. I miss it. Kimbap dak galbi rice I miss Korean food very much Who ate all the kimchi? Submissions to “Wandering poet” can be sent to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com

Wandering poet #4 – Jet lag

30 Dec

Jetlag Haiku

Another haiku for you inspired by late night TV watching  caused by jet lag. Hope you enjoy! As always I used wordcalc.com and submissions can be sent to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com                                     Jet lag Brainlag drag Season one of Portlandia Put […]

Wandering Poet #3 – Bye bye Kimmy!

23 Dec

kim jong il by Mark Hammermeister

This week, I think there is pretty much only one thing worth writing a haiku about and it’s not the holiday season  and it’s not the wretched Korean winter and it’s not even then end of my contract with my school. As I always I used wordcalc.com for my haiku and submissions are always open. […]

Wandering poet #2 – Ajumma Attack

16 Dec

Ajumma Attack

  Another haiku for you this week! I used wordcalc.com again if anyone is going to challenge me. LOL As always I will accept submissions which you can send to talktome@the-orange-backpack.com                                      New video game idea     […]

Wandering poet #1 – I like apples

9 Dec

wandering poet,paris baguette, apple pie

I’m starting a new series on The Orange Backpack. One which will (hopefully) be a regular thing. Every Friday I will post a short poem in any format I choose related to wherever I am in the world or something I have done recently. They will all be related to travel and barring tragedy or […]