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Kandid Korea #3: Tiny toilets

22 Jan

Tiny toilets in Korea

  I dont know why I’ve never seen this anywhere else because it has even occurred to me, a single person responsible for no one but herself, that this would be a great idea. Only here in South Korea have they actually implemented it. TINY TOILETS! How many times have you seen a mother and […]

Kandid Korea #3: Chicken on the train!

9 Jan

Chicken on the train

If you have ever traveled in a developing country you most likely have had an experience similar to this, but in Korea, a highly advanced and wealthy country I have to admit I was a little surprised. Even more surprising was that it appeared to be the woman’s pet. Are chickens the new Chihuahuas? or […]

Assault of the senses: A 4D Experience

13 Dec

4-d move

    I just got punched in the bum. The minotaur from the new film “The Immortals” fell on his bum and I got punched in mine. Not hard – more like a little baby sized fist with a bit of strength. Not too long before this the main character, Theseus, fell into some stagnant […]

Save me a seat!: A visit to the Mr. Toilet House

22 Nov

Mr. toilet house

When I told people I was going to a museum about toilets, the reactions I received most were either excitement or a puzzled look, followed by “A what!?!”.  Surprisingly, some of my peers had already heard about the infamous Mr. Toilet House here in Suwon and one even had his picture up on the wall. (They […]

Kandid Korea #2: Finally AIDS is cute again!

16 Nov

Weird condom machine, Kandid Korea

The long-awaited second installment of “Kandid Korea”! There is nothing I love more than stumbling upon the weird, yet wonderful, parts of Korea and the world at large. These treasures can give us insight into the people and cultures behind them. As always, please keep in mind when I say “weird” I mean it in […]

Bye bye Pepero Day….see ya next year!

12 Nov

South Korean Pepero Day

    Pepero hangover anyone? So it’s the day after Pepero Day and I am sure most people are feeling pretty gross  right about now.  Yesterday was a particularly special Pepero Day because it is 2011. Meaning it is the first time in a century that the calendar  has read 11/11/11.  This relates to Pepero […]


11 Nov

Rice Drink/비락식혜(Sikhye Birak) from South Korea

One of the most pleasurable ways to explore any culture, most can agree, is through its cuisine and by extension the kind of products that it produces. Every country has something that is unique to that place and can tell you something about the culture you are in. Korea has many different items in this […]

Kandid Korea #1: Doggy style!

6 Oct

Today is the first post of a series I’m starting specifically for this blog entitled “Kandid Korea”. Mainly it will be just images of things I come across in Korea that are unique to Korean culture and can hopefully give you some insight into the weird and wonderful parts of my current home. Please keep […]

Human beings rendered obsolete: Go Go Girls in trouble!

25 Sep

Are you having a grand opening or special event at your store? Nothing says come inside like a couple of Korean Go Go Girls dancing on a stage in front of your shop. Whether you are just visiting or are the proud owner of a Korean Alien Resident Card you have no doubt witnessed these […]