Human beings rendered obsolete: Go Go Girls in trouble!

25 Sep

Are you having a grand opening or special event at your store? Nothing says come inside like a couple of Korean Go Go Girls dancing on a stage in front of your shop. Whether you are just visiting or are the proud owner of a Korean Alien Resident Card you have no doubt witnessed these peppy girls dancing their hearts out in all types of weather conditions.  They’ve got their outfits, their dance moves and those little leg warmer things.  All seems well in the world of business promotion.

But is it really? Like all the great things in life this video is both creepy and fascinating. As I walked past the robot girl I thought she was real even though her skin had a plasticity about it. “Maybe she was just wearing stockings,” I thought or “a lot of makeup.” When she went to bow I realized this was no human girl but a lowly robot meant to put those poor Go Go Girls out of business. Why a robot you ask? Because in the world of the future human beings are slowly becoming obsolete. That’s right anything you can do a machine can probably do  better. If not today then tomorrow. Even English teachers and subway conductors are being replaced by robots (Google it!).

Now this one might not be able to dance just yet but she can talk, bow, turn, move side to side and is unendingly cheerful. So it’s really just a matter of time if you ask me. I never paid much attention to those girls dancing in front of the LG Best Shop but somehow I already miss them.  


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3 Responses to “Human beings rendered obsolete: Go Go Girls in trouble!”

  1. leek September 26, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    oh Korea!!
    When are you getting yourself some leg warmers?

  2. Sonya September 26, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

    I’m already going to miss them when I go home :/ lol

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